Our Experience Center

We welcome you to our state-of-the-art experience center located in Hazratganj, Lucknow -the oldest and most prestigious high street in the city center. Here, you will find the best sound systems in Lucknow.

We have 4 different dedicated areas for you to experience products and solutions right from the smallest portable speakers from some of the best brands in the world, to complete THX certified demo rooms that will transport you to a truly cinematic experience that’s beyond imagination.

For those looking for just plug and play options or wearables, we have a fully equipped space displaying an exhaustive range of soundbars, portable speakers, headphones and more from some of the latest brands including Bose, Yamaha, Sonos, Marshall  and more.


If you are looking for something for small spaces like a living room or a lounge then we have a dedicated room for such customized packages where you can experience lot of options suiting your needs -  like 5.1 setup, towers speakers, bookshelf speakers, satellite speakers and more.

For the discerning customers looking for a personal cinema space, we have our very premium demo room with Dolby certified speaker systems, with some of the best brands and with outstanding acoustic treated walls and recliners.

Our flagship THX demo room is for those who want only the best cinematic experience there can be and do not want to make any compromises. This state-of-the-art room is complete with the best range of THX certified speakers, the best 4k projection with the best in class acoustics and recliners.

So come and experience sound and visuals like never before !